Jumat, 30 Desember 2011

I don't know

Anybody please tell me how I am supposed to be, sincerely a-real-18-year-old-girl
-Lia Nuramalia, 18 tahun 2 bulan, masih mencari jati diri

Ma fault, not yours

it feels like you lift me up up up to the top of the sky then you bring me down down down to the bottom of the earth. It hurts. I'm wrong for expecting too high. Well then, isn't your fault :)


Pardon me it's been a while since college took away all my time, but now here I am............

Well I don't know how to begin, everything happened.
Got a hair cut (I regret this for my entire life)- Ospek and never ending Mabim- Mid exam- Final exam- Those failed-guys (well laugh me if you want)- Those assignments- Those shits- Those happiness- Back to home- Many more that I cannot remember (or I don't want to).